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Extra-Curricular Programs At Sir Winston Churchill

Dr. Allan King of Queen's University, in his landmark study “The Good School,” identified a strong extra-curricular program as playing a key role in developing students' sense of belonging and satisfaction. His findings showed that a broad, well-delivered extra-curricular program greatly enhances the atmosphere of a school. These activities help students to identify with their school. Participation encourages students to socialize and to become friends with fellow students. All these factors contribute to good "school spirit” and to the students' sense of well-being.

Sir Winston Churchill's extensive extra-curricular program offers activities of interest to all students in the school. Students are encouraged to participate fully in the athletic, artistic, social, and cultural life of the school. Involvement in the school's extracurricular program enables students to make new friends and to develop talents and interests outside of the regular school curriculum. Coaching, leadership, and supervision of our extracurricular program is provided voluntarily by members of our teaching staff as well as by interested members of our community.

All clubs and teams welcome new participants every year. Involvement in school activities is recorded for points toward the school letter, for inclusion in the students‟ resumés, and for consideration in the granting of awards and scholarships.