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Student Behaviour

Every student at Sir Winston Churchill is expected to act at all times in a manner which reflects respect for self, for others, and for our school facility. Beyond this general principle, all students are expected to adhere to the regulations set forth below. They have evolved over the years to ensure that Sir Winston Churchill is a great place to be and to learn.


Classes begin at 9:20 a.m. and all students are to be in their classrooms and seated prior to this time. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each period. 

Parents (or students over the age of 18) are to contact the school each day of absence. Calls should be made between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Our attendance phone line is (905)-988-6303.  In cases where a student's absence has been authorized and confirmed, the student is to report directly to class upon returning to school. No admit slip or note is required in these instances. 

Students returning to school following an absence that has not been confirmed must report to the office. They need a note from a parent or guardian giving reason for the absence. They will be given an admit slip. 

Class absences shown on the report card include all classes missed due to illness, appointments, all interschool activities, and field trips.


Students who arrive late for school but before 9:35 a.m. are to report directly to their first period class. Attendance is completed at 9:35.

Students who arrive late for school after 9:35 a.m. are to report to the office for a late slip. 

Students who are late to a class other than homeroom, should report directly to that class unless attendance has been completed. .


Students required to leave the school during the school day as a result of illness, an appointment, or a formal request from a parent must sign-out at the office. Students under 18 may only sign-out if a parent has been notified by the school.  Students returning to school after missing at least one period of the day must sign-in at the office. 

Students of Legal Age: Students who are 18 years and older are permitted to explain absences from school, lates and early leaves. This does not absolve them from the consequences of school procedures and policies.

The right of an 18 year old student to sign himself/herself out of school is not a license to miss school for unacceptable reasons. These students are subject to the same Ministry of Education and Training regulation -Section 21(2)(6) as are their parents concerning attendance at school. “A child is excused from attendance at school only if the child is unable to attend school by illness or other unavoidable cause”.

Conduct Report

A student asked to leave a class by a teacher, because of inappropriate conduct, will do so immediately and report directly to the office to complete a Conduct Report.

Cell Phones

Must be turned off in the classroom.

Back Packs

Backpacks may not be brought into classrooms or the library. They must be left in lockers. 

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress appropriately for a school setting. Dress which is suggestive, offensive or otherwise inappropriate is, of course, unacceptable. Examples, including  ripped clothing, metal studs or chains, spaghetti straps, halter tops exposing the midriff and muscle shirts, are not appropriate in a classroom setting. As a sign of respect, hats may not be worn in classrooms or elsewhere in the school during regular school hours.


Please help keep our cafeteria a pleasant place. Students must enter and leave the cafeteria serving area by the designated entrance and exit. Gym bags or the equivalent are not permitted in the serving area. Leave the area clean, place all refuse in the containers provided. In good weather you may take advantage of the privilege of lunching outside at the cafeteria doors and along the side of the school; please ensure that all litter is deposited in the refuse containers provided by our custodial staff.


Every student is responsible for the care of his/her locker. Damaged or faulty mechanisms should be reported immediately. A Dudley lock must be used. Only the locker assigned to you at registration is to be used. Failure to use the locker assigned by the office could result in the cutting off of your lock. Lockers will be checked before you leave in June to see that they are un-marked and that all taped-on materials have been removed. Lockers must be emptied by the last day of exams. Be aware that lockers or change rooms offer limited security. When you cannot avoid bringing money or valuables to school, make arrangements with your teacher or the office to provide security. Please note that your locker is assigned to you, on loan, by the Board of Education. Administration reserves the right to search a locker when threats to student safety, breaches of school rules, or illegal activity is suspected. All empty lockers will be bolted shut.

Textbooks, Library Books, Team Uniforms

Textbooks, uniforms and equipment are on loan. They are the sole responsibility of the student. Lost or damaged books, uniforms, or equipment must be paid for by the student on a replacement cost basis.

Student Parking

Parking on school property is a privilege which may be withdrawn from thoughtless or careless drivers. You must register the license plate number at the main office of any car you will be driving to school. Exit and enter our parking lot with caution.

Respect the NO PARKING and HANDICAPPED signs. Students are not allowed to lounge or eat their lunch in parked cars.

Non-Scheduled Periods

Please use the cafeteria or library during study periods. Students are encouraged to use unscheduled time productively and to plan in advance to avoid using lockers while classes are in progress. Hallways and school entrances are not to be used as lounging areas while classes are in progress. 

Health Room

Students wishing to use the health room should report to the office for assistance to do so. The public health nurse will be in the school every Wednesday, all day.


Our library will be open to serve you. Please respect due dates on loaned materials because returning material on time is a courtesy to other students. Overdue notices should be attended to immediately upon receipt of notice. Back packs are not allowed in the Library.

Computers and Acceptable Use of Electronic Devices

Tampering with, altering or damaging computer software or hardware could lead to immediate loss of computer access privileges as well as disciplinary action. The same applies to breaches of the SWC "Netiquette Code of Conduct". This includes the transmission or willful reception of obscene, unlawful, or other inappropriate material on school computers and equipment.

Lost and Found

Return found articles to the office. Enquiries about lost books and articles should be made at the general office.


To enhance the learning environment interior halls are out-of-bounds to students while classes are in progress. This is especially important over the lunch hours. Students may go to their lockers only during "breaks" specified on our daily schedule. Please plan accordingly. 

Smoking Area

Smoking is not allowed on the school property. This is a provincial law with a $356.00 fine. For school tone and safety, smoking is also prohibited on the public sidewalks in front of the school. The area by the hydro-right of way, west of the school and not on the driveway is the only smoking area. This area must be kept free of litter!

Safety Precautions

Skateboards and in-line skates are not allowed on school property.


Assemblies will be held from time to time as part of our school program. Move quickly to the auditorium. Be considerate of presenters. Be sensitive to the tone of the program and respond appropriately with quiet attention or applause. 

Subject Drops

Students are expected to select courses with care and to complete those courses. Subject drops will only be considered in special circumstances where a guidance counsellor, staff, and parent are in agreement that dropping a subject is in the best interest of a student. Students who initiate a request to drop a subject must attend that class until the request is approved. All students are expected to maintain a full timetable. Students may choose to have a spare if they have achieved a minimum of 24 credits.

Full Disclosure

If a Grade 11 or 12 student withdraws from a course, five instructional days after the issue of the mid-term report, the withdrawal is recorded on the transcript and the percentage grade at the time of withdrawal is also recorded. 

Plagiarism and Copying

Plagiarism, the unacknowledged use of someone else’s words, ideas or organizational structure whether quoted directly or paraphrased, is academic theft. Copying all or part of someone else’s work, and passing it off as your own be it written, recorded or in a computer file, is a serious offense. The consequences include an automatic grade of ‘0' on your work, a possible loss of credit in the course, further disciplinary action and a loss of reputation that is difficult to ever recover in the eyes of teachers and peers alike. This policy applies to cheating on tests and exams. Refer to your subject teachers for guidance.