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Sir Winston Churchill's Extended French Program has been in existence for over 30 years. With growth has come stability, and the complete integration of the program into the life of the school.

A student's ability in English is in fact enhanced by his/her study of the Extended French language. The content of all courses offered within our Extended French Program is based on Ministry of Education and District School Board of Niagara guidelines.

All members of our Extended French teaching staff hold qualifications in both the French language and in their respective discipline.

There is no correlation between the regular core French programs and Français. The rationale, the learning expectations, the content, and the methodology of the two programs differ considerably. Beyond Français, introduction in French in specific subject disciplines provides significant opportunity for developing written and oral fluency in the language.

Parents are often concerned with the Science and Math programs. The achievement of our former students, now graduates of science programs, indicates that our students have in no way been hindered by their studies in French.

French proficiency levels vary among students, often depending on personal ability. Nevertheless, our Extended French program offers students the opportunity to acquire skills which are considerably more advanced than possible in a core French program.

In summary, graduates of our Extended French Program have acquired all of the skills required to become fully bilingual with additional study and exposure to the French language.

Where appropriate, Extended French and Resource staff can work together within the Extended French package to provide differentiated programs for students with special needs.