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This dramatization by Joseph Robinette is based on Robert Cormier’s novel The Chocolate War. This is a coming-of-age story about young students in conflict at a New England prep school in the 1970s.  A new student arrives at the prep school and tries out for the football team.   He must face the freshman hazing practices handed down by the Vigils, a group of powerful students.  When Sister Leona pushes students to fundraise by selling chocolates, the Vigils’ attempt at coercion backfires.

Stephanie Abfal
I got into the Arts because I enjoy watching plays and movies. 
Rachel Bannerman
I have been deeply involved at the Arts at Sir Winston during all four years, participating in school productions such as A Christmas Carol: The Musical and The Most Massive Woman Wins. I have also participated in "Snuggle Up and Read" drama interpretations of children's stories for local elementary schools, and competed recently in the DSBN Monologue Competition. I am overjoyed to share my final season on Sir Winston's stage with such a wonderful cast and crew of performers who share my avid love of the theatre.
Emily Butler
I got involved in the Arts at a very young age with dancing. I really liked it and started to become interested in acting. I love performing because, it gives me a rush of adrenaline, plus it’s fun to pretend to be someone else for a while. Also, I’m not great at sports so this was a different way for me to get involved in school. I am also a member of the Dance Team.

Ashley Boldt
I got involved in the Arts because I’ve been passionate about them.  I find the Arts a great way to express who you truly are.  Getting involved in one of SWC’s play productions has been my goal since the beginning of High School and now I am finally in one!
I have been involved in Project Spirit as an LIT, Choir, Yearbook, SWC Film Festival, Art club, Drama Club, Tech Crew, Me to We, and SHSM for The Arts.

Hayley Corbier
I got involved in drama because I enjoy it and it is very inclusive.  I don’t why I chose drama in the first place but I’m glad I did. I am also involved in School Reach, Archery Club, and the publicity and marketing of the play.

Cheyenne Crain
I got involved in the Arts because it has been a big part of my life for so many years and I enjoy the arts a lot. I have been involved in choir in grade 9, and I have been a part of Art Club.

Bronte Detenbeck
I am thrilled to take part in the Chocolate War while a freshman at Sir Winston Churchill.  I have appeared in Wizard of Oz and Lion King.  I love participating in Arts activities because I enjoy being onstage and working with a wide range of people.  I am a member of the Knitting Team and a writer for the Ruff Times.

Skylar Dyck 
The reason why I got involved in the play is because I’ve always loved drama and acting and I know that in the future I would like to get into acting, so I figured that this could be a good start for me. I’m not currently involved in anything else in school, but I would like to possibly get involved in some clubs and/or a sport in the future.

Sarah Fowler
My past acting experiences include roles in The Jungle Book and The Nutcracker.  I have taken drama grade 9 and, though I enjoy playing any character, I would like to play the role of a villain in a dramatic production.  I hope to eventually act in local plays.

Harriet Gracie
I was in The Christmas Carol in grade 10, and I am very excited to be joining the cast of the Chocolate War this year! I also drew the playbill for this performance, and last year I was in the school movie, Ten Things I Hate About You.

Camryn Grant
I like all the aspects of the Arts, and I figured that I’m not good at sports so why not get involved in this production. I had prior Arts experience while partaking in the production of A Christmas Carol, and being a member of the Art Club.

Mackenzie Gregson

Alyssa Harris
I got involved in the Arts because I loved my grade 10 drama class and I wanted to expand on that. This is one of my first SWC extra-curricular activities and I cannot wait to make the best of it.

Sarah Kathireson

I've loved plays and musicals ever since I was a kid and I'm excited to be a
member of such a vibrant cast and a part of this fun and unique play!

Julia Livingston

Evy McCormack
I got involved in the production because I love the theatre and I was in the musical in grade 9. I was one of the hosts for grade 8 night and an LIT at Project Spirit.

Carolyn MacLean

Christian Morris-Mencia
I got involved in the school play because I thought it would make for a great experience and a way to meet new people, as well as further my acting career. I have also ran cross-country earlier this year for the school and I’ve participated in the Archery Club.

Austin Pugh
I became involved with the arts, because it looked like fun. Other activities that have kept me busy at Sir Winston Churchill are Project Spirit, being a Steward, and the Knitting Team.

Haedan Reid
I became involved with the Arts because for as long as I can remember, I have invested a large majority of my time to this passion I have for creativity. I love to sing, draw, act, do photography, and I love to dance (when nobody is watching). I am constantly reaching out for new learning/performance experiences that I can take part in, whether it be attending poetry slams, or participating in coffee. I saw the opportunity to become a part of a fantastic cast for a really interesting play this year, I took it, and here I am! Some of my other experiences include choir, archery and drama club.

Jaden Reimer 
I am involved in the Chocolate War because of an interest in stage performance and collaborative efforts in a performance. Previous acting such as SWC’s A Christmas Carol furthered my desire to be involved in this year’s production and the enjoyable experience of live performing. I am also involved in SWC Model UN, Peer Tutoring, Concert Choir and SWC Film Studio’s production of Don of the Dead.

Jared Shaftoe 
I am involved in the Arts because I have always enjoyed creating stories.  I have been acting since I was in third grade and in such productions as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Les Trois Petits Cochons and The Wizard of Oz.  These experiences have stuck with me and encourage me to continue working in drama though work is hardly the word- we have to much fun.  I have also been involved in various clubs at Sir Winston including Model UN, Concert Choir, Orchestra, Drama Club, Improvisation Club as well as being part of 2013’s A Christmas Carol have been some of the activities that have kept me busy.
Donelle Short

Sarah Weston
I got involved in the Arts and acting through experiences in Elementary school, where I was the narrator of the school play every year. I have always been an outgoing person so acting is a great outlet for me.

Erin Whitty
I got involved with the Arts because I like to be creative. I also take part in the Film Club at school.

Shelley Zhang
I’ve always loved the arts since I was little, especially since I was never really good at sports. The Arts allowed me to participate in things and do something different with my life rather than continuously doing the same old routine. I was able to express my creativity through the Arts and also try to overcome challenges that came with it. When I heard about the new school play this year, I thought it was a great new opportunity for me to experience new things but also, to do something that I love.