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Congratulations to the Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs Cross Country team.  SOSSA Champions!!

On November 1st, OFSAA was held at the University of Waterloo. It was a cold, windy day and after having rained for several days, the course was muddy and slippery.  Congrats to the junior girls team (Maddy Greenough, Julianna Moreno, Brenna Wills, Katie Simpson, Taylor Young, Sarah St. Angelo) which placed 14th in the province.  Congrats are also extended to Kennedy Thompson who finished 17th at OFSAA - an outstanding finish in the very competitive senior girls race.

Special congratulations to the junior boys team who were OFSAA GOLD MEDALISTS.  Team members were Owen Bachelor (who also finished on the podium as an individual), Jonas Braun, Theo Hassim, Harrison Enns, John Riley and Sam Harley.

In addition, the senior boys team finished as OFSAA ANTIQUE BRONZE MEDALISTS (4th).  Team members were Cain Hassim, Millar Coveney, Justin Lawless, Jack Moncur, Phoenix Howe, Alvin Fortaleza.

On the strength of the two boys' teams, Sir Winston was also the OFSAA BOYS TEAM CHAMPIONS 2014.  Fantastic season Bulldogs!!