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We want to ensure that students/parents/guardians EVERYONE is able to receive, and to access messages, updates and info that we are sending out.  The SWC Guidance department would like to share with you the 3 methods through which we will be communicating and sharing information, as everything is a little bit different this year!

1 – SWC Website sirwinston.dsbn.org
We post information in 3 subsections of the News feed that everyone can access.  Note that the date in the title will reflect when new information has been added.

2 – SWC By-Grade Guidance Classrooms
We post announcements in SWC grade specific D2L “classrooms”. Every SWC student is registered in one of these classes and students need to “pin” the class so that it easily appears on their list of active courses. Details of how to do this, and how parents/guardians can sign up to get notifications can be found in the grade assembly video that is posted in the classroom.  Only students can access their classroom, so we encourage students to let their parents/guardians peek over their shoulders on a regular basis!

3 – Email 
Through Aspen, DSBN’s new operating system, we can send emails to students and parents/guardians.  Student emails will go to their Google account; parent/guardian emails will go to the address provided on the verification form that was submitted to the main office. If you think you're not getting these emails, please contact the main office to adjust your contact information.

Welcome to the SWC Guidance website!  

This main page is just your starting point. Please use the pop up menu to learn more about events, opportunities, and activities that may pertain to you (hover on the "Guidance" link above).


Your Guidance Department can also be contacted via email or phone (905) 684-6349:

Kelly Mossman, Guidance Secretary, x64814

Wanda Cook, Guidance Teacher, x64824

Sherrie Davis-Thompson, Guidance Teacher, x64823
Irene Siemiaszko, Program Leader, Guidance Teacher, x64822

The content for these pages is for informational purposes. Parents and students should always contact and speak with a guidance teacher to ensure the information is up to date when making a decision about changes to program planning. 

                                            Have a wonderful day!