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Career CruisingAn excellent resource when trying to determine what types of occupations you might be interested in pursuing is this website.

SWC students access their Career Cruising account directly through their e+Learning/D2L account.  A quick tip for students from students:  Just Google "dsbn elearning"!

Career Cruising has many tools to assist students and families with planning pathways and courses in high school. We encourage students to keep an up to date IPP in order to help them with programs options for life after high school.  As well, teachers are able to refer to students' IPP when writing reference letters and when determining scholarship/award candidates and recipients.  Further, it is necessary for Grade 12 students to have a completed IPP profile before their Potential Graduate interview with a guidance counsellor.  

All DSBN students are required to complete the following activities in Career Cruising:

Grade 9   = Learning Styles Inventory

Grade 10 = Career Matchmaker, My Saved Careers (3)

Grade 11 = My Saved Programs (3)

Grade 12 = My Saved Schools (3), Career & Life Goals


Grade 9, 10, 11 = My Course Plan