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Real Talk   ("Peer to Peer" perspectives, advice, and tips via profiles from young people who have recently made the school to work transition)
Workopolis (Current Job Postings, Career Advice & Strategies)
Ontario Ministry of Education Website
 (TONS of info on Careers, Schools, Job Prospects in Ontario, etc.)
www.ONTransfer.ca (How to transfer between Colleges and Universities; Collaborative Programs & more)
Council of Ontario Universities (not just Uni info, but joint program info & more)
Career Research - lots of quick 2 minute videos!

Career & Post-Secondary FAIRS/EVENTS...GO!
www.ouf.ca (University Fairs)
(College Fairs)
15 Questions to ask at a College Fair

Questions to Ask @ Ontario Universities Fair
Study and Go Abroad (Undergraduate programs overseas)
Student Life Expo (Maclean's post-secondary and lifestyle event)

Actually, a VIRTUAL tour is the way to GO...lately!
The Ultimate Student Guide to College & University Virtual Tours in Canada

Ontario Colleges & Universities...EXPLORE!
www.ontariocolleges.ca (College Information & Registration Site)
https://www.ontariouniversitiesinfo.ca/(University Research Site - All Ontario Universities and Programs are here)

8 Indispensable Characteristics of Successful People
Know Before You Go (Post-Secondary Planning: paying bills, study skills, roommate issues, and more. Fall 2018)

Know The FUTURE.
Best Jobs for Future Growth  (Business Insider article)
Canadian Careers in Demand (2020)
10 Canadian Careers in Demand  
Canadian Occupation Projections (projections of occupational labour demand & supply)
Explore Careers by Outlooks (Government of Canada link to Labour Market information)

Considering a degree @ UNIVERSITY?
Ontario Universities (University Research Site - All Ontario Universities and Programs are here) 
www.ouac.ca (University Registration Site - apply here) 
Ontario Universities Resource Guide 2020 (read what each university has said about their admissions, scholarship, residence process and more for 2020) 

Considering a degree or diploma @ COLLEGE?
www.ontariocolleges.ca (College Registration site AND College Research site - all Ontario Colleges and Programs are here AND students APPLY to College here)
College Bachelor's Degrees & Pathways - Conestoga, Fanshawe, Niagara (spring, 2019)
College Dialogue 2019 
 (read what each college has said about their admissions, scholarship, and residence process for 2017) 

Considering a SKILLED TRADE? 
Ontario Ministry of Advanced Ed and Skills Development - Apprenticeship Training
Employment Ontario Skilled Trades
apprenticesearch.com (A great place to research skilled trades - construction, industrial, service, motive power...)

Considering a GAP YEAR?
My Gap Year

Gap Year = Life Skills article

Considering the USA?
Resource Package for Students Considering US Universities and Colleges 

Mind your Mental HEALTH.
Know Before You Go (Post-Secondary Planning: paying bills, study skills, roommate issues, and more. Fall 2018)
Teen Mental Health

Understanding the Teenage Brain 


SWC invites OSAP representatives into the school in the spring to deliver a Financial Aid presentation, which runs at lunch, and which is open to all students and parents. Thank you in advance for understanding that Guidance Counsellors do not develop funding models for post-secondary planning with students. Please consult directly with the Financial Aid departments of your potential post-secondary institution for individualized financial planning counselling. 
"The New OSAP" article  (Fall 2017, from OSCA magazine)
OSAP March 2017 presentation (The New OSAP - Reform of Ontario's Financial Aid System)
www.osap.gov.on.ca (Ministry Site)
Financial Aid Estimator (Take 15 minutes and see how much $$$ you could receive)
Advice, Info and Tips re: your post secondary financial life
Scholarships - Not just for super geniuses  (Macleans article, Nov. 2017)

(College Information & Registration Site)
(University Information & Registration Site)