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Upcoming Events

Gr. 9-11 Course Plan Selection Assemblies & Parent/Guardian Information Evening...

  • Jan 08, 2018 @ 2:30 PM - Feb 17, 2018 @ 3:30 PM
Monday, February 5 = Day 1 of S2.
Tuesday, February 6 = Gr. 9 Course Plan Assembly, P 2
Wednesday, February 7 = Gr. 10 Course Plan Assembly, P2 AND
Gr. 9 Parent Night, Semester 2 (6:30-7:00pm)  AND
Gr. 9-11 Parent/Student Information Evening (7:00-8:00pm - SWC Auditorium)
Thursday February 8 = SOSSA Swim Meet a.m.; Ski Club p.m.
Friday, February 9 = Gr. 12 Potential Grads & Mr. Shaw Assembly, P1  AND
                              Gr. 11 Course Plan Assembly, P2

It's time to start thinking about, and planning for, the next school year, Bulldogs!

Course Plan assemblies will be held in February during the first week of Semester 2. Students will learn about all of the course offerings for their grade for the next school year. Teachers from each department will speak about their courses and programming options. 

Students are encouraged to explore course options and to ask questions. Speak to teachers! Speak to students who are in courses of interest! Speak to parents! Speak to guidance counsellors! 

A Student/Parent/Guardian Information Evening will be held for all families with students who are currently in Gr. 9-11 on Wednesday, February 7th, from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the SWC Auditorium.  Guidance counsellors will cover how and why planning for post-secondary pathways needs to begin now, credit opportunities beyond the SWC walls, what universities and colleges see/don't see use/don't use for admission consideration, and more. Students will make their 2018-2019 course selections in February AFTER this Information Evening.  

The IPP activities in Career Cruising (completed in S1)
are designed to give students information about their learning styles, potential career opportunities, and post-secondary pathways.  Students have easy access to Career Cruising and their IPP in D2L.  How can you make wise choices if you haven't done your research?!

Career Cruising will open for Course Selections and Submissions from Feb. 8th-15th BUT students can go in NOW and "play"!  Enter potential courses; plan for successive years too - can you fit everything in?   

Course Selections need to be submitted, signed, and returned to school by Thursday, February 15th.

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