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  • Info re: Accepting an OFFER at an Ontario University...

    by Irene Siemiaszko | Feb 20, 2018

    Accepting an Offer at an Ontario University

    June 1, 2018, is the earliest date by which Ontario universities may require a response to an offer of admission and a financial commitment of any kind (e.g., registration deposit, residence deposit).

    Students need to know their password and OUAC Reference Number long before the response deadline.

    The Most Common Mistake

    The most common mistake that students make, when accepting an offer, is not completing the “Submit” process.

    Students must follow these steps to successfully “Submit” their online acceptance:

    1. Don’t wait until the last day!
    2. Watch the “Responding to Offers of Admission” video.
    3. Log in to your online application.
    4. Click the “Offer” or “Alternate Offer” link displayed on the “Choices/Offers” screen.
    5. Indicate your response to an offer of admission (“Accept” or, for some universities, “Decline”).
    6. Click “Continue”.
    7. If you do not have any more changes, click “Review and Submit”.
    8. Verify your changes/responses in the Amendment Summary table.
    9. Read the “Applicant’s Declaration”, then click “I Verify and Agree”.
    10. If the response is successfully submitted, you will immediately receive a confirmation number on the “Complete” screen along with a summary of all application changes and/or responses to offers of admission made within this session. Print this page for your records.
    11. On the next business day, log in to your online application to ensure that your response was properly submitted.

    Students must accept their offer of admission, using the method outlined above, by the deadline date specified in their offer of admission letter.

    It is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadline dates stipulated by the universities. The universities reserve the right to revoke acceptances that arrive at the OUAC after the response deadline date. Universities cannot guarantee that they will re-issue offers that are not accepted by the deadline.

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