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Stay informed! Where to find SWC Guidance-related info...

by Irene Siemiaszko | Oct 07, 2016
Guidance uses the daily broadcast to inform students about opportunities such as, but not limited to: Community Involvement, Scholarships, Leadership, Jobs, Board-wide events, etc.

BBs inside the Guidance study area = Potential Grads, Student Success, Community Involvement Hours, Jobs, Courses/Timetables
BBs outside the Guidance study area = calendar of post-secondary liaison visits, student opportunities available "Beyond Our Walls" (outside of the building)

Main page = News, Events, e+Learning tab (Career Cruising & Hour Republic), SWC Career Planner tab (course descriptions).  Tabs are found on the right side of main page.
Guidance pages = found under the Guidance link at the top of the main page.

Every Grade now has an announcement page under D2L loaded with grade-specific information along with general news from the SWC Guidance department.  Learn more about post-secondary pathways, community involvement opportunities, school happenings, etc.  You're already in D2L for your courses, students!  Pin the Guidance bar to the top of your list, along with this semester's classes, to stay informed!

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