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Career Cruising is up and running and READY for YOU!

by Irene Siemiaszko | Sep 18, 2018
Great news, students!  Career Cruising has been updated and it is now recognizing you in this school year.

So...Gr. 12s, you can complete your 3 activities now. Remember, for the "Career Planning" activity, you must select and add the activity "Complete or update resume" in order to get your progress bar to move and to recognize this requirement.  AND remember to SAVE every activity and keep going until your progress bar says 100%!

EVERYONE, know that you can always:

...access your IPP to enter your volunteer and work experiences, and more.

...research schools and programs and complete interest/skill inventories.

Last year's grades should be in and everyone's progress bar will start at 0% - until students begin their IPP activities for 2018-2019.


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