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XC Bulldogs blaze their way through the Pre-OFSAA Sudbury Invitational

by Ann Gilmore | Oct 09, 2019

Thank you for the XC update Coach Wills! 

Your cross-country Bulldogs had a fantastic result at the Pre-OFSAA invitational in Sudbury last week.  Despite being met by single digit temperatures, hail and some of the best runners in Ontario, they blazed their way through the hilly woods and stacked up podium finishes.  The grade 9 boys set the pace early with Nate Rose and Matt Tauberneck taking 3rd and eighth respectively. 

The junior girls kept up the top 10 finishes with Bianca Salierno and Isabella Goveia taking 3rd and 6th, leading their team to an overall 2nd place finish.

The junior boys, led by Nate Smyth in 12th took a bronze in their 5km race.

Senior runner Lauren Brooks placed third in her grueling 6k race, which is no small feat for a grade 11, and helped her team to a bronze as well.

In the final race of the day, our senior boys put on quite a show much to the dismay of other coaches.  They were left in shock upon seeing Josh Bezanson, Sacha Schimmelpennick and Eric Campbell emerge from the woods as the third, fourth and fifth runners over all.  These boys ran side by side by side the entire race and bolstered by grade 11 Riley Coles' gutsy performance, they easily took first place overall, beating cross town rivals Eden by a landslide.

Congrats to all 28 Bulldog runners who endured tough conditions to represent their school well.





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