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GR. 9, 10, 11 (and non-graduating 12s) Updates & Info (as of May 22nd)...

by Irene Siemiaszko | Apr 01, 2020
THIS is the place!  Please continue to check here for Guidance-related messages. If information that we've posted here has become irrelevant or has timed out, it will eventually be removed. We miss seeing you around, Bulldogs! (scroll to the bottom for our contact info)
Stay positive. Stay patient. Stay focused. - Post by Nylak on ...

UPDATES as of May 22nd:
DSBN eLearning courses for the 2020-2021 school year are posted on the SWC website, under the Guidance tab, "eLearning Opportunities":

No, we do not yet have your SWC timetable for next year.  You do not know which courses you are scheduled into for each semester yet - nor do we!  However, if you do register for an eLearning course, it will be removed from your SWC Course Plan, and your timetable will be adjusted so that you have a balance of 4 courses each semester, Periods 1,2,3,4, with the eLearning class counting in one of the 4 periods of the regular school day. Students who are Potential Grads, and who have completed 24 credits, may also have a spare scheduled into one of the 4 periods of the regular school day. Repertoire (AMR) is scheduled into an after-school period and is an "extra" course.

UPDATES as of May 19th:
Specialist High Skills Major Opportunities:

In addition to the Red Seal SHSM programs that are offered at SWC, students are also eligible to apply for 2 Regional SHSM programs:
SHSM Construction (Home Build - will run in S2; application deadline of June 8th)
SHSM Horticulture (DiG iT - will run in S1)
Please email Ms. Siemiaszko if you would like more information on either regional program.  
Gr. 10/11 students who would like to pursue a Red Seal SHSM diploma at SWC, please complete the registration form below:
SHSM Registration Request form
Connect with lead teachers if you have questions:
Arts & Culture:  Mme. Carlson...Elaine.Carlson@dsbn.org
Business:  Mr. Bruschke...Lars.Bruschke@dsbn.org
Information Communication Technology:  Ms. Capes...Krista.Capes@dsbn.org
Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing: Mr. Busca...Rob.Busca@dsbn.org

UPDATES as of May 14th:

Summer School eLearning courses:
Summer School eLearning new credit courses
Summer School eLearning online Registration:

Important Items to know before registering for Summer School:
1) Ensure that you will have completed any necessary prerequisite courses (the Summer School registration form won't prevent you from attempting to register - like we do back at school! However, your registration will not be processed if you are ineligible).
If you requested this course for next year it will be removed NOW from your Course Plan, so plan to pass it in summer school (we know you can do it!).  One of your alternate courses will be added to your Course Requests.  Email Ms. Siemiaszko if you have a request for a specific alternate course to be added, and cc your parent/guardian in your email as all TT changes require their consent.
3) Know that Summer School eLearning expectations are NOT the same as those of your online learning this semester!  Please expect to spend 4-5 hours per day (16 - 20 hours per week) on a summer eLearning course.

UPDATES as of May 12th:
Dream Home Edition digital conference for young women, Gr. 7-12, and their parents, Wednesday, May 27th, 5-8p.m.  Explore careers in Skilled Trades, STEM, Emergency Response and Entrepreneurship:
We Build a Dream

UPDATES as of May 11th:
Some messages from Job Gym:
Job Gym Student Power Hour
Youth Job Connection virtual sessions

UPDATES as of May 9th:
Guidance has emailed Gr. 9/10 students for whom we had a question or concern about Course Plan requests for next year. Please check your DSBN email, and please email the Guidance teacher back so that we know how to proceed (even if you want no changes).
Gr. 11s, we will be reaching out to you beginning on Tuesday, after teachers have communicated your progress in your S2 courses with you. 
Everyone, please continue to check your DSBN email!

We have not received direction yet about timelines, or the process, for writing the OSSLT.  We know that you might be concerned, especially those of you who are closer to graduation and who need to fulfill this grad requirement.  Please do not worry - we are aware of you (you are awesome!), and you will know what we know as soon as we know it (phew! Why, yes, that IS "Ms. Siemiaszko talk"!) from the Ministry of Education.

UPDATES as of April 28th:
Course Plans 2020/2021 Review: Guidance has been reviewing your Credit Counselling Summaries and your Course Plan requests & we will be reaching out to students whose plan might have a discrepancy, or for whom we might have a question (or two!).  Continue to check your DSBN email, and please consider answering the phone, during school hours, if it shows "Blocked Caller", as it could be us!

Your Guidance & Student Success Departments can be contacted via email or through leaving a phone message:
Adam Onclin, Program Leader, Student Success (905) 641-2929 x64825
Wanda Cook, Guidance Teacher (905) 641-2929 x64824
Sherrie Davis-Thompson, Guidance Teacher, (905) 641-2929 x64823
Irene Siemiaszko, Program Leader, Guidance, (905) 641-2929 x64822
Kelly Mossman, Secretary, (905) 641-2929 x64814

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