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"All SWC Students" Guidance Updates & Info (as of Oct. 16th)...

by Irene Siemiaszko | Jun 02, 2020
Oct. 16th:
email Letter to parents and students (through Aspen) regarding Guidance communication this year

Oct. 15th:
Dear Bulldogs,
We are continuing to streamline our communication process.  Information re: Community Involvement Hours can be found in the "Beyond These Walls" News link AND in your grade-specific Guidance D2L class. You are responsible for checking both sites. 

Oct. 9th:
Connecting with Indigenous Students 
Home - Indigenous Education

Oct. 1st:
Career Cruising hasn't been updated to reflect your grade status this year; you can always go in and update your resume and your achievements in your IPP (especially you, Potential Grads!), but it's not ready for you to do your grade-specific tasks.  Yup, we'll let you know when it's ready!

Sept. 29th:
Career Research - lots of quick 2 minute videos!
Night School start date has been moved to October 6th, 2020.

Sept. 21st:
Dear Bulldogs,
Every grade now has a Guidance D2L "class" - please find yours and pin it so that you are able to access it easily.  They look like this:

Please check these classes regularly - as often as you check the website (which should be EVERY DAY!). 
Gr. 10/11 students who would like to pursue a Red Seal SHSM diploma at SWC, please complete the registration form below:
SHSM Registration Request form
SHSM SWC courses 2020-2021
Connect with lead teachers if you have questions:
Arts & Culture:  Mme. Carlson...Elaine.Carlson@dsbn.org
Business:  Mr. Bruschke...Lars.Bruschke@dsbn.org
Information Communication Technology:  Ms. Capes...Krista.Capes@dsbn.org
Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing: Mr. Busca...Rob.Busca@dsbn.org 

DSBN eLEARNING COURSES FOR 2020/2021 are posted on the SWC website, under the Guidance tab, "eLearning Opportunities":

Contact Us:
Adam Onclin, Program Leader, Student Success (905) 684-6349 x64825
Wanda Cook, Guidance Teacher (905) 684-6349 x64824
Sherrie Davis-Thompson, Guidance Teacher, (905) 684-6349 x64823
Irene Siemiaszko, Program Leader, Guidance, (905) 684-6349 x64822
Kelly Mossman, Secretary, (905) 684-6349 x64814

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