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"All SWC Students" Guidance Updates & Info (as of Oct. 21st)...

by Irene Siemiaszko | Jun 02, 2020
Oct. 21st:
Parents/Guardians were emailed 2 identical messages today. One was sent via Aspen (the program that students use to access their timetables); the other was sent via School Messenger.  If you did not receive two emails, you might not be receiving all the messages intended for parents/guardians from the main office, or from other departments.  Please contact our main office secretary,  Michelle Villeseche, at 905-684-6349 x64812 or Michelle.Villeseche@dsbn.org to ensure that your contact data is correct, that you have “subscribed”, and you can receive emails from SWC.

Dear Bulldogs,
Career Cruising is STILL glitchy. Your current courses are NOT loaded in yet; you might not be able to even access your portal.  Hang tight - we will let you know when they let us know that it's up and running properly.  We want you to get those IPPs done now, too!  The waiting is the hardest part...!
Fed up of waiting?

Oct. 16th:
email Letter to parents and students (through Aspen) regarding Guidance communication this year

Oct. 15th:
Dear Bulldogs,
We are continuing to streamline our communication process.  Information re: Community Involvement Hours can be found in the "Beyond These Walls" News link AND in your grade-specific Guidance D2L class. You are responsible for checking both sites. 

Oct. 9th:
Connecting with Indigenous Students 
Home - Indigenous Education

Oct. 1st:
Career Cruising hasn't been updated to reflect your grade status this year; you can always go in and update your resume and your achievements in your IPP (especially you, Potential Grads!), but it's not ready for you to do your grade-specific tasks.  Yup, we'll let you know when it's ready!

Sept. 29th:
Career Research - lots of quick 2 minute videos!
Night School start date has been moved to October 6th, 2020.

Sept. 21st:
Dear Bulldogs,
Every grade now has a Guidance D2L "class" - please find yours and pin it so that you are able to access it easily.  They look like this:

Please check these classes regularly - as often as you check the website (which should be EVERY DAY!). 
Gr. 10/11 students who would like to pursue a Red Seal SHSM diploma at SWC, please complete the registration form below:
SHSM Registration Request form
SHSM SWC courses 2020-2021
Connect with lead teachers if you have questions:
Arts & Culture:  Mme. Carlson...Elaine.Carlson@dsbn.org
Business:  Mr. Bruschke...Lars.Bruschke@dsbn.org
Information Communication Technology:  Ms. Capes...Krista.Capes@dsbn.org
Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing: Mr. Busca...Rob.Busca@dsbn.org 

DSBN eLEARNING COURSES FOR 2020/2021 are posted on the SWC website, under the Guidance tab, "eLearning Opportunities":

Contact Us:
Adam Onclin, Program Leader, Student Success (905) 684-6349 x64825
Wanda Cook, Guidance Teacher (905) 684-6349 x64824
Sherrie Davis-Thompson, Guidance Teacher, (905) 684-6349 x64823
Irene Siemiaszko, Program Leader, Guidance, (905) 684-6349 x64822
Kelly Mossman, Secretary, (905) 684-6349 x64814

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