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Course Outline ( DSBN Course Outline )

Sir Winston Churchill Cooperative Education Program

Entrance Requirements

Students interested in any area of cooperative education must indicate their choice to take cooperative education on their Course Plans submitted to the guidance department in December of the previous year. Potential cooperative education students must also immediately schedule a Pre-course interview with their cooperative education teachers. Based on the Pre-course interview results, the cooperative education teacher will begin the process of Establishing a placement.

Types of Cooperative Education Experience

Career Exploration: Student are placed in a one, two, three, or four credit, full morning, full afternoon, or full day work environment that reflects their career goals, and interests. Credit completion is based, in part, on the number of experience hours gained.

Specialist High Skills Major in Information and Communications Technology: Students in SHSM ICT interview for cooperative education placements such as filming, television production, film editing, or graphic design which compliment their academic emphasis in information and communication technology. Information and Communications Technology

Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture: Students in SHSM A&C interview for cooperative education placements such as Shaw Festival Theatre, Rodman Hall, and Niagara Artists Centre, which compliment their academic emphasis in Arts Arts and Culture

Specialist High Skills Major in Business: Students in SHSM Business interview for cooperative education placements such as accounting and marketing firms, and many small businesses in any area of interest to the student.  The students’ focus at their placements will be daily business operations as well as contributing to and assisting with the achievement of long-term goals of the company.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program: Students in apprenticable trades can have experience acquired skill sets applied to their trade apprenticeship concurrent with their cooperative education experience. Speak to your cooperative education teacher. OYAP

Army Reserve Cooperative Education: Students apply in March of the previous year for placement in September or February of the following year. Students must be 16 years of age. Students receive two cooperative education credits and two additional academic credits for an all day full semester experience.

Brock University/University of Guelph Mentorship Program: Students apply in May of the previous year to work with a University Professor in a significant area of research. Students will present their scientific study results in the Brock Symposium and the Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair in March as part of the program requirements. Students receive two Cooperative Education credits and an IDC4U credit based on their research reporting. Mentorship Program ,Interdisciplinary Studies- Brock Mentorship

Assessment and Evaluation DSBN Consistency Agreement

Employer Assessment 40%:
Cooperative Education Placement Supervisors complete a, Coop Employers Assessment 2017/2018,  according to a scheduled times and a communicated criteria.

Placement Learning Assessment 15%: Students complete and submit Weekly Activity Reports and Journals which record their progress and growth at their placement. The format of the Weekly Activity Report varies according to the program type: University, College, School to Work.  

Classroom Assessment 15%:

Student complete Ministry of Education mandated lessons geared specifically to their academic stream: University, or College, or School to Work. Cooperative Education Assignments

Summative Assessment 30%:
Student complete Ministry of Education mandated lessons geared specifically to their academic stream: University, or College, or School to Work.  Cooperative Education Assignments

Pre- Placement Instruction: (15 - 20 hours) Workplace health and safety,  Passport to Safety, resume mastery, cover letter instruction, Interview success, unions, employment law, workplace ethics, human rights, confidentiality PPLP, PPSP.  Cooperative Education Assignments

In-School integration sessions: (14 Hours) Monthly progress reports, managing your finances, planning your career, dealing effectively with difficult situations, culminating independent study activity. 20172 Employer Student 

Total 100%