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Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF)

This program allows students to host a student from another country and return to that country for three months of study/travel. There is also a summer cultural exchange where students spend 1 month abroad and 1 month hosting.

Cost: approximately $2400

How to apply: You must complete the Preliminary Application form, insert and return it to the school liaison teacher or the CEEF office. For more information visit on-line atwww.ceef.ca

Summer Work Student Exchange

This exchange offers students, aged 16 to 17 and returning to school in September, the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge of Canada’s second official language outside of the classroom. Our program provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to improve their second language skills via immersion in a work and family environment. During their six week stay in the host community, students will live with the family of the student with whom they have been paired and will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of another culture. Coordinators (university students) are responsible for supervising participants and developing a program of cultural activities for their benefit.

Cost: The program covers transportation costs for participants to travel to and from their exchange destination and the costs for mandatary activities. Participants are responsible for their own personal expenses. Participants will be paid the minimum wage applicable in the province in which they are staying.

How to apply: on-line www.summer-work.com or call toll free 1-877-843-6161

Explore: Second Language Summer Program

Discover another region of Canada and use this opportunity to improve your knowledge of French. Explore offers you five weeks full of opportunities to make discoveries, meet new people, and exchange ideas in a stimulating setting for learning your second language.

How to apply: Send your application form and photocopies to the coordinator of your home province by no later than February 15 or apply on-line at www.myexplore.ca