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Grade 9

FSF 1P Core French - Applied 1 credit

This course emphasizes the further development of oral communications skills, using the theme of media. The development of oral communication skills will be integrated with the development of reading and writing skills. Students will expand their ability to understand and speak French through conversations, discussions, and presentations. They will also read media-related short stories, articles, poems, and songs and write brief descriptions, letters, dialogues, and invitations.

FSF 1D Core French - Academic 1 credit

This course emphasizes the further development of oral communication, reading, and writing skills. Students will build on and apply their knowledge of French while exploring a variety of themes, such as relationships, trends, and careers. Thematic readings, which include a selection of short stories, articles, and poems, will serve as stepping stones to oral and written activities.

Grade 10

FSF 2D Core French - Academic 1 credit

This course enables students to increase their knowledge of the French language, further develop their language skills, and deepen their understanding and appreciation of francophone culture around the world. Exploring a variety of themes, students will develop and apply critical thinking skills in discussion, in their analysis and interpretation of texts, and in their own writing.

Grade 11

FSF 3U Core French - 1 credit

University PreparationThis course draws on a variety of themes to promote extensive development of reading and writing skills and to reinforce oral communication skills. Students will gain a greater understanding of French-speaking cultures in Canada and around the world through their reading of a variety of materials, including a short novel or a play. Students will produce various written assignments, including a formal essay. The use of correct grammar and appropriate language conventions in both spoken and written French will be emphasized throughout the course.

Grade 12

FSF 4U Core French - 1 credit

University Preparation
This course draws on a variety of themes to promote extensive development of French-language skills. Students will consolidate their oral skills as they discuss literature, culture, and current
issues. They will read a variety of texts and will write a formal essay. The use of correct grammar and appropriate language conventions in both spoken and written French will be emphasized throughout the course.

  • In their grade 12 year, students in the Core French program will be given the option to complete the DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) French Proficiency test.
  • The DELF is an internationally recognized examination issued by the French Ministry of National Education, and the diplomas are recognized worldwide as lifelong proof of the student’s French language skills. Successful students will be given a diploma with their proficiency certification from the DELF Centre in France, which can be used for specialized programming at post-secondary schools, as well as with potential employers. 
  • Students are eligible to write the DELF exam if they are currently enrolled in or have completed FSF4U. 

For more information, please visit the following site: http://www.ciep.fr/en/delf-scolaire

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