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the arts

Early Songbirds Vocal Group:  Students gather to sing pop tunes that they perform during various school concerts or community events.   Performances include singing during events such as Remembrance Day Assemblies, Hockey Game Anthem, Winter & Spring Arts Showcases, Coffee Houses among others.

Orchestra Band:  This group of both experienced and new recruits of instrumentalist performs a broad variety of music to suit the ability of the musicians while considering the performance opportunities available given the makeup of the group.

Percussion Ensemble:  A group of students meets to develop their musical ability through the exploration of a variety of orchestral percussion instruments such as the timpani, xylophone, marimba and countless other smaller hand held percussion instruments.

Open Mike Monday:  Every 2nd Monday starting in November, performance opportunities for musicians, poets and other artists are available.  Students sign up and then showcase their artistic talents in the library at lunch.

Tech Tuesdays:  Tech savvy students or avid learners meet to learn about technology and how it can be used to enhance presentations and public performances.  Students become autonomous with respect to connecting wireless and corded microphones, house/stage lights and lighting/sound consoles.  They manage the technology for a broad array of school and community events in our building.

Arts Council

*all groups meet in Music Room 1 except the Tech group who gather in the auditorium.