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AMV2O1 (Grade 10 - Open Course)

This course emphasizes the performance of vocal music at an intermediate level that strikes a balance between challenge and skill.  The objective is to further develop technique, sensitivity, and imagination while experimenting with part singing and stylistic devices impacting tonal quality to create a desired effect.  Students will participate in creative activities that teach them to listen with understanding. They will also further develop their reading skills and learn new musical terminology in context.
Course note: No prior musical experience is required to take this course.
Prerequisite: none

AMV3M1 (Grade 11)

This course emphasizes the performance, analysis and appreciation of various kinds of vocal music.  Students will perform technical exercises and appropriate repertoire, complete creative activities and analyse both live and recorded performances. They will continue to develop their understanding of the elements of music, through the study of baroque and classical music, while developing their technical and creative abilities.
Prerequisite: AMV2O1


AMV4M1 (Grade 12)

This course emphasize the performance,  appreciation and analysis of music from the Romantic era and from the Twentieth Century, including art music, jazz, popular music, and Canadian and non-Western music.  Students will concentrate on developing interpretive skills and the ability to work independently.  They will complete complex creative projects enhanced by the use of technology.
Prerequisite: AMV3M1