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AVI1O1 – Visual Arts (Grade 9 - Open Course)

This course is exploratory in nature, offering an overview of Visual Arts as a foundation for further study.  Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials by using a range of media, processes, techniques and styles.  Students will use the creative and critical analysis processes and will interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.  Designed to address the needs of inexperienced students while providing creative challenges for the skillful artists, this course includes studio work and art appreciation.

AVI2O1 – Visual Arts (Grade 10 - Open Course)

This course enables students to develop their skills in producing and presenting art by introducing them to new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic exploration and experimentation.  Students will apply the element and principles of design when exploring the creative process.  Students will use the critical analysis process to reflect on and to interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.

AVI3M1 – Visual Arts (Grade 11)   

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Albert Einstein
Grade 11 Art students will not only explore various new art media and techniques, but develop an understanding of creative process as well. Studio work will help each student visually problem solve and gain confidence in their ability to make images and impact. In response to looking at historical, modern and cultural art trends, students will begin to make independent studies on art themes. Units of study include: design basics, portraiture, Modernism, Renaissance re-masters, and social issue art.

Prerequisite: AVI1O1 or AVI2O1

AVI4M1 – Visual Arts (Grade 12)   

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift
Grade 12 Art students will continue to develop their art vision and abilities through the exploration of different art techniques, skills, cultures, histories and the growth of an art portfolio. Emphasis is put on developing new media: digital photography, sculpture, recycled material, etc.  Students will look at contemporary art forms and theories and engage these through their own personal visual statements. Units of study include: design basics, the human figure, illustration, conceptual and social issue art, and the anti-portrait.

Prerequisite: AVI3M1