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Dear Grade 8 Parents/Guardians:
We are very excited to welcome you and your child to Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School!

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If you are new to DSBN, or new to the SWC boundary, please contact the main office for further instructions.

In December, Grade 8 DSBN students will be completing their Course Plans for the 2021-2022 school year online through the DSBN’s “Career Cruising” website.

Please note:

I.  Students will start the on-line process at their elementary school. Students will access their Career Cruising accounts directly through their e+Learning/D2L account. 

II.  At home, you can then review and select with your child:

    *5 Compulsory subjects and the level of study (Academic or Applied). Math is a compulsory          subject that will be offered at one level only for all Gr. 9 student.

    *3 Electives   

    *2 Alternate courses from the Grade 9 Elective/Alternate Choices tab
, in case all of the electives can’t be scheduled.  REMEMBER:  Click on the Alternate box, under “Course Information” select “*Gr. 9 Elective/Alternate Courses” and choose your alternates from this group only.

On/before a date in December/January as determined by your home elementary school, your child may need to return a signed (by you) copy of the Course Plan to the Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher, or your child may need to ensure that a course request has been completed and submitted electronically.

Additional instructions that should help:

1. The direct link to Career Cruising can be found through each DSBN student's portal (D2L).

2.  Click on “Choose My Courses” or “My Course Plan” tab.

 Review your child’s selections.  If your child did not yet make any course selections, he or she will need to click on the + symbol of each individual course indicator; then click on the appropriate level of study (e.g. academic/applied, English/French Immersion); then click on the “Add Courses” tab.

4.  Click on each course name for a course descriptions or tap the small blue book on the upper right side to open the complete Student Course Guide in a new window/tab.

.  Blue stars indicate teachers’ recommendations for the level of study for compulsory subjects. We suggest that students and parents/guardians discuss any level discrepancies with the teacher.

6.  Once finished, indicate your final approval by pressing the SUBMIT tab and print your Course Plan.

7.  Sign the completed form and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Thank you!

Sir Winston Churchill’s Guidance Department