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Stay informed! Where to find SWC Guidance-related info...

by Irene Siemiaszko | Oct 07, 2016
Guidance uses the daily broadcast to inform students about opportunities such as, but not limited to: Community Involvement, Scholarships, Leadership, Jobs, Board-wide events, etc.

BBs inside the Guidance study area = Potential Grads, Student Success, Community Involvement Hours, Jobs, Courses/Timetables
BBs outside the Guidance study area = calendar of post-secondary liaison visits, student opportunities available "Beyond Our Walls" (outside of the building)

Main page = News, Events, e+Learning tab (Career Cruising & Hour Republic), SWC Career Planner tab (course descriptions).  Tabs are found on the right side of main page.
Guidance pages = found under the Guidance link at the top of the main page.

“Remind” is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps teachers and schools share important updates and reminders with students & parents.  Subscribe by text, email or use the Remind app.  All personal information is kept private.  We will never see your phone number. 

SWC Guidance has set up a “class” for each grade and we invite students and parents to subscribe and to stay informed of Guidance-related items (teachers and teams might also create their own Remind class/group).

To receive messages via text, enter this number:  (289) 277-0558, and then text this message to join your particular grade:   

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Gr. 12 =@swc2020  
Gr. 11 = @swc2021
Gr. 10 = @swc2022
Gr. 9 = @swc2023
(For Gr. ___,  text "@swc_____")

Or, to receive messages via email, send an email to swc20??@mail.remind.com  
?? = enter your graduating year, as above. You can leave the subject blank.  


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