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Summer School 2019 applications are in Guidance...

by Irene Siemiaszko | May 02, 2019
summer school 2018SUMMER SCHOOL 2019

Applications are waiting for you in Guidance:

*New Credit in-class @ SWC or AN Myer
*E-Learning Credit (online)
*Co-op Credits (2 credits AND students must find their own placement OR be gainfully employed and able to use their place of employment as a co-op placement)
*Credit Recovery (achieved 40-49% in a course this school year)

PLEASE use the forms that are provided in our Guidance office as we have personalized them for SWC Student/Guidance use. 

Your summer school course will be removed from your Course Plan NOW, as opposed to us waiting for your final grade in mid-August (the understanding is that you will achieve the credit), and an alternate course will be added to your Course Requests for 2019-2020. You have the opportunity to request which course to add on the personalized SWC Summer School form.  


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