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Emails from Ms. Gilmore sent on and before April 14, 2021

by Ann Gilmore | Feb 04, 2021

Email from April 14...

Good afternoon Sir Winston Students and Families, 

Please carefully read over the April 14 letter to students and families. The most important piece of information to note is that DSBN is moving us to a model of Period 1, 2, 3, 4 rotating for the duration of online learning. This is the same model used during the last school closure. The second thing to note is the date Mid-Term Report Cards will be emailed to students - which is Friday, April 23. 

I hope everyone is safe and well. As always, let me know if there is any way that I can assist you.

Ms. Gilmore, Principal

An email went out about destreaming...with this attachment: Letter to Grade 8 Families - Destreaming_April 8 2021

Good afternoon In-Coming Grade 9 SWC Students and Families,

Please look to the attached letter regarding destreaming next year. DSBN has gathered some information for you, including "Frequently Asked Questions." 

I will be sending you more emails regarding registration and our transition plans for our Grade nines, but for now, please know that you are in our thoughts, and that we are excited to see you in September.

p.s. If you know of a grade nine family who did not receive this email and would like to subscribe to school email communications, please tell them to call the school. We either do not have an email for them on file, or we have them marked as a non-subscriber. 


Ms. Gilmore, Principal 

An email sharing a letter from the Director went out April 1, 2021: Letter to Families - Schools Remain Open - April 1 2021

This file was not emailed - but could be helpful to review if a parent is unsure of What to do when a child has COVID-19 symptoms.

Email that went out March 12:

Good afternoon SWC Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Vice Principal Scott Ellis is about to hit the button that sends all Progress Reports out to student emails. Fingers crossed! Some reports might arrive within the hour, others might be late into the evening.

We are worried about the school comment at the bottom of the report. We tried to edit it, but it keeps reverting to semester one. If it mentions a Parent-Teacher Interview date that is long past - here is what it should say:

"Virtual Parent-Teacher interviews (phone, online platform, email as decided by the teacher) will be held on March 24th from 4 to 7 pm. Please use swc.schoolappointments.com to book an appointment."

Announcement from the Director of Education March 10

March 10 letter to parents re OSSLT

Letter emailed March 8 - StudentCensus-Secondary-Letter March 8 2021

Copy of email sent February 26

Email sent Feb 17

Good morning everyone,

DSBN released the links to their calendars.

Cohort A Cohort A Feb-Apr 2021

Cohort B Cohort B Feb-Apr 2021

Online Online Cohort Feb-Apr 2021

Remember, if you are an in-person learner and you have a class that is highlighted yellow on our Master Schedule, it means you come to school for that period even though the generic calendar says "300 minutes online learning". 

Enjoy the rest of the week Bulldogs!


Ms. Gilmore, Principal

Previous emails:

Email sent Feb 12 Synchronous Learning, Attendance, COVID Protocols & attachment from that email - NRPH - Schools and Childcare Memo February 5 2021

Email sent February 5 COVID Self-Assessment

Feb 4 Email about Calendar and Cohorts & attachment from that email - Non-Cohort (blended A & B) Classes are Highlighted Yellow

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