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SWC's Schedule for the writing of the OSSLT

by Ann Gilmore | Mar 22, 2021
Please refer to our SWC Schedule for the 2021 OSSLT for DATES when Gr 10s and 11s will take the Literacy Test in April and May.
  • Find your date, by finding the correct class code.
  • Grade 10 students will write according to their Period 2 class.
  • Grade 11 students will write according to their Period 3 class. 
Students can access an OSSLT practice test at: https://d1c1qqn86e6v14.cloudfront.net/#/en/student/osslt-assessment
Grade 10s who took the practice test last semester have been shared feedback via the OSSLT D2L shell. Please note the following! D2L defaulted to assigning a zero to every Grade 10 student who did not complete the Practice Test. This prompted an email informing students of the zero. Students can ignore that email!
Grade 11s who took the practice test last semester, your feedback will be shared via D2L soon. 
Stay tuned for more announcements and support! We will also be offering live Outlook Teams sessions for students closer to the test writing dates.

If you have any questions, email deborah.cox@dsbn.org.

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