(905) 684-6349 101 Glen Morris Drive, St. Catharines, Ontario L2T 2N1

Telephone:  905-684-6349


Ms. A. Gilmore, Principal, ext. 64801 -  Ann.Gilmore@dsbn.org

Mr. S. Ellis, Vice-Principal, ext. 64802 - Scott.Ellis@dsbn.org 


Please use School Messenger to report absences - but if needed, call 905-988-6303.
If you have not set up an account on School Messenger, click here for instructions. 

Guidance Office

Kelly Mossman is our Guidance secretary.  She can be reached by calling 905-684-6349 ext. 64814 or by emailing Kelly.Mossman@dsbn.org.

Support Staff

Social Worker - Ms. Y. Chua, ext. 81058 - yiching.chua@dsbn.org 
(here on Mondays, Thursdays & every other Tuesday)

Youth Counsellor
 - Ms. R. Katzman, ext. 64803 - Ronna.Katzman@dsbn.org
(here on Wednesdays, Fridays & every other Tuesday)

Student Success Teacher - Mr. A. Onclin, ext. 64825 - Adam.Onclin@dsbn.org

Teaching Staff

Mr. A.J. Alexander - aj.alexander@dsbn.org
Ms. S. Bach - 
Ms. S. Bashar - Shanta.Tayab-Bashar@dsbn.org
Mme J. Bedard - Julie.Bedard@dsbn.org

Mme M. Bourque - Melanie.Bourque@dsbn.org
Mr. M. Breaton - Mike.Breaton@dsbn.org 

Ms. J. Brens - Jennifer.Brens@dsbn.org
Mr. L. Bruschke -
Mr. R. Busca - Robert.Busca@dsbn.org
Ms.K. Capes - Krista.Capes@dsbn.org
Ms. E. Carlson - Elaine.Carlson@dsbn.org

Ms. M. Chausse - Marsha.Chausse@dsbn.org
Ms. W. Cook - Wanda.Cook@dsbn.org
Ms. K. Corcoran - Kristen.Corcoran@dsbn.org

Ms. D. Cox - Deborah.Cox@dsbn.org
Ms. S. Davis-Thompson - Sherrie.Davis-Thompson@dsbn.org
Ms. K. Diamond - Karen.Diamond@dsbn.org
Ms. A. Digirolamo - Allison.Digirolamo@dsbn.org
Mr. P. Domarchuk - Peter.Domarchuk@dsbn.org
Mr. J. Flood - Jeff.Flood@dsbn.org 

Mr. D. Fretz - Derek.Fretz@dsbn.org
Mr. L. Glantz - Lester.Glantz@dsbn.org

Ms. K. Hancock - Karen.Hancock@dsbn.org 

Mr. W. Huizer - William.Huizer@dsbn.org

Mr. A. Huyzers - Andre.Huyzers@dsbn.org
Ms. K. Johnson - Kristen.Johnson@dsbn.org

Teaching Staff Continued

Dr. D. Kamatovic - David.Kamatovic@dsbn.org
Mr. F. Keltos - Frank.Keltos@dsbn.org
Ms. E. King - Elle.King@dsbn.org
Mr. D. Kitchen - David.Kitchen@dsbn.org
Ms. J. Krzeczkowski - Janet.Krzeczkowski@dsbn.org
Mr. A. Lillo - Angelo.Lillo@dsbn.org
Mr. B. Lipsett - Bill.Lipsett@dsbn.org 
Mr. B. Mergl - Brent.Mergl@dsbn.org
Mr. R. Minor - Ryan.Minor@dsbn.org
Ms. J. Miotto - Jessica.Miotto@dsbn.org
Mr. D. Moore - Darren.Moore@dsbn.org
Mr. S. Mouck - Steve.Mouck@dsbn.org
Ms. J. Murray - Jennifer.Murray@dsbn.org
Ms. L. Murray - Lissa.Murray@dsbn.org
Mr. B. Nickel - Brandon.Nickel@dsbn.org
Ms. A. Nigro - Ann.Nigro@dsbn.org
Mr. A. Onclin - Adam.Onclin@dsbn.org
Ms. S. Palencar - Sandra.Palencar@dsbn.org
M. P. Perron - Peter.Perron@dsbn.org
Mr. J. Predovich - Jim.Predovich@dsbn.org
Ms. C. Randall - Cassie.Randall@dsbn.org
Mr. B. Rigas - Bob.Rigas@dsbn.org
Ms. J. Robertson - Jennifer.Robertson@dsbn.org
Ms. D. Rogers - DANA.Rogers@dsbn.org
Ms. C. Rozendaal -
Ms. C. Schappert - Christina.Schappert@dsbn.org
Ms. T. Short - Tammy.Short@dsbn.org
Ms. I. Siemiaszko - Irene.Siemiaszko@dsbn.org
Mr. S. Smith - Steven.Smith@dsbn.org
Ms. J. Spence - Joanne.Spence@dsbn.org
Ms. K. Ten Brinke - Krista.TenBrinke@dsbn.org
Mr. J. Thibodeau - Jim.Thibodeau@dsbn.org
Ms. T. Tomins -  Tobi.Tomins@dsbn.org
Mr. D. Vandermolen - David.Vandermolen@dsbn.org
Mr. J. P. Verrucci - JP.Verrucci@dsbn.org
Mr. A. Watson - Alex.Watson@dsbn.org
Mr. P. Witterick - Paul.Witterick@dsbn.org