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Safe Schools Procedures at Sir Winston Churchill

In common with the other schools in Niagara, and as part of our safe school policy, searches may be carried out by school authorities, or by the police at the direction of school authorities, when there are reasonable grounds to suspect a breach of a school rule.

The principal has the authority, under the Ontario Education Act, to conduct searches which are reasonably related to the maintenance of order and discipline in the school. The principal may invite the police to accompany and assist in conducting a search that may reveal evidence of the breach of a school rule.

The search may be conducted by the principal, vice-principal or designated teaching staff.

While normally no charges are laid as a result of these searches, students may be disciplined in accordance with the Education Act.

Any drugs or drug paraphernalia that are found are turned over to the Niagara Regional Police for disposal. This procedure has been reviewed with our School Council. We appreciate parent/guardian support in our efforts to maintain a safe school environment.