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The Peer Tutoring program enables students to act in a leadership capacity and to provide academic support to other students who are in need of assistance. Students, parents, and/or teachers may initiate the process. If a student or parent recognizes a particular subject as a weakness at the beginning of a semester, the student may request a tutor at that time. As the semester progresses, teachers may remind students, who are experiencing difficulty, of the benefits of a peer tutor. Teachers may also recommend students who are performing at an exceptional level in their subject area to consider acting as a tutor. Tutor forms are available in the Resource Room throughout the entire school year. Once completed, forms are returned to the Resource Room, and staff do their best to pair students accordingly. Tutors keep a record of time spent with clients and acquire community service hours or points towards their school letter. Please note that this is only one avenue of support. Help is also available through individual teachers, department workshops, on-line support etc.

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