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Co-op at SWC

Watch the videos below for an overview of some of the courses offered in this department. A full list of course options and course descriptions are available in Xello

Co-op information and more!


Cooperative Education

The cooperative education program gives students an opportunity to explore a career of their choice. SWC students can register for a one, two, three, or four credit placement per semester. Cooperative education students use D2L for assignments and report completion.

Students interested in any cooperative education program area must indicate their interest on their Course Plans, which are submitted to the Guidance Department in December of the previous year.  Please note that the application and interview process for the Brock University or University of Guelph Mentorship Program begins in March for the Fall semester. 

Cooperative Education program options include; Career Exploration Cooperative Education, Specialist High Skills Major in: Information and Communications Technology, Arts and Culture, Business, and Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, Army Reserve Cooperative Education, Brock University or University of Guelph Mentorship Program. 

Cooperative education student applicants must also immediately schedule a Pre-Course Interview with their cooperative education teachers. Based on the Pre-Course Interview results the cooperative education teacher will begin the process of Establishing a Placement.  Students planning to enrol in a cooperative education program should ensure they have completed the in-school academic course which supports the placement they have selected. (i.e. a student interested in a placement as a veterinarian assistant should also have achieved a significant mark in SBI3U Biology).