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What is an SHSM?

SHSM stands for Specialist High Skills Major which is an Ontario Ministry of Education sponsored program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector.

Here at Sir Winston we offer FOUR SHSMs in the following sectors: Arts and Culture, Business, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing!

What does an SHSM do?

An SHSM enables students to gain sector-specific skills and knowledge in the context of engaging, career-related learning environments and helps them focus on graduation and on pursuing their postsecondary goals.

What do I need to do to participate in an SHSM?

There are specific requirements to enroll, successfully participate in and graduate from an SHSM program.

Students need to attain a minimum of four credits at the grade eleven and/or twelve within their area of specialization.  This is referred to as a credit "bundle". In addition to their bundle, students will gain six Certifications provided by the school, and will complete a co-op component alongside the regular requirements for the OSSD.

Specific details regarding Course Requirements and available Certifications can be found at each of our sector specific sites below:
      arts and culture logo                                                                   SHSM_business
   Arts & Culture SHSM Page            Information & Communications Technology SHSM Page                   Business SHSM Page

More SHSM program detailed information from the Ministry of Ontario      Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing