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The SHSM Education stream in the Non-Profit sector is designed to provide opportunities to explore careers in education (including but not limited to teaching).

Sir Winston offers this Non-Profit Specialist High Skills Major in 2 languages (English or French).

This SHSM has a focus on leadership skills, experiences and certifications.

You will also be given a co-op placement in an education setting.

All Non-Profit SHSM students will receive 4 compulsory certifications: CPR, Standard First Aid, Ethical Considerations and WHMIS.

Students will also received 3 elective certifications such as:  communication skills, leadership skills, equity and inclusion, group dynamics, anti-oppression and allyship training, conflict resolution, event coordination, incident management, behaviour management or advanced training in a technique (such as French language development through DELF training)

If you are interested in joining this SHSM, please contact Mme Visocchi.


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