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The SWC Churchill Bulldog Cross Country Team is truly a family experience.  Belonging to this team is much more than running and winning medals.  Students are nurtured to become better people as they learn to set goals, persevere, encourage others, and work together.  From the very first day they join, our runners experience a positive connection with their teammates and coaches.

Inclusiveness is a central theme for the coaching staff.  Coaches provide encouragement and technical support for each individual runner based on their own unique strengths and goals.  Every runner matters; from the novice just starting out to our seasoned provincial champions.

It is an expectation that all athletes support one another at practices, meets, and around the SWC campus.  Team members develop leadership skills as they take turns leading one another in a variety of activities.  Membership will also develop: self-confidence, discipline, and most importantly, a sense of belonging.  Our Cross-Country team is a point of pride for SWC and is highly respected around the province.

Membership does come with responsibilities.  Athletes are expected to make their best effort to attend all practices and work as hard as their abilities and conditioning allow them.  Athletes are expected to communicate their schedule with coaches so that we can plan practices accordingly.  

 Practices are every day after school and Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. - locations announced to athletes in advance!

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