(905) 684-6349 101 Glen Morris Drive, St. Catharines, Ontario L2T 2N1


Mr. M. Wilson, Principal, ext. 64801 -  M. Wilson
Ms. J. Volcansek, Vice-Principal, ext. 64802 - J. Volcansek

Office Staff

Cheryl Cook – Administrative Secretary – ext. 64810
Samantha Grigg - Reception
Brooke Kochan - Attendance
Jennifer Hudak - Guidance

Attendance - ext. 64811
Main Office - ext. 64812


Please use School Messenger to report absences - but if needed, call 905-988-6303. If you have not set up an account on School Messenger, click here for instructions.   

Guidance Office

Guidance can be reached by calling 905-684-6349 ext. 64814

Support Staff

Youth Counsellor - Ms. R. Katzman, ext. 64803 - R. Katzman
Social Worker - Ms. Lorelei Gold, ext. 52509 - L. Gold

Student Success Teacher
 - Mr. A. Onclin, ext. 64825 - A. Onclin

Library Technician - Ms. F. Michalko, ext. 64870 F. Michalko

DSBN schools have also been provided with a CASON (Community Addiction Services of Niagara) School-Based Counsellor. Students who require CASON services are referred to CASON through our Youth Counsellor, Social Worker, Student Success Teacher, or School Administrators.