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Course Plan Videos!

In addition to reading course descriptions, students and parents/guardians are encouraged to view department videos in order to make informed decisions when completing Course Plans for next year.  They're also really interesting and fun to watch!

Each department has an overview video(s) for Grades 10-12, in which courses and pathways within that department are briefly introduced. Further, many courses also have their own "mini-video", offering a more detailed course description.  Check them out - then choose once, choose wisely!

Career Cruising Course Plans for current Gr. 9-11 students will be electronically submitted between February 4 -14, 2022.  

This year = no paper copies & no signatures.  The electronic submission of your Course Plan indicated student and parent/guardian approval of the courses requested for next year.

Begin by using the side tabs to the left and click on a department, or use the links below.