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"Project Spirit made me feel a part of SWC. When I came back from camp, I knew kids in every grade; what's more, they knew me too! I felt I belonged!" - a Grade 9 camper

Project Spirit is a program conceived initially by senior SWC enrichment students in conjunction with staff to help students at SWC become integrated into the school community and to enhance their leadership potential. Project Spirit offers participants (campers from Grade 9 and 10) the opportunity to interact with leaders (from Grade 12) and with leaders-in-training (from Grade 11) to develop leadership skills and to heighten environmental awareness. 100 students, leaders and teachers actively interact in a camp environment using clinics, games, hikes, small and large group learning situations. Each learning situation is teacher-supervised and taught/led by qualified leaders. The benefits of the program can easily be seen when the group returns to SWC as participating students from ALL GRADES know students in ALL OTHER GRADES. In other words, participants become integral members of the SWC community, as well as develop their leadership skills. 

project spirit